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Know when to say No! ... 'Because the price is too Low'


Paul - after completing your Sydney 2007 course, my only question to you at this point of time is......

With such incredible knowledge, fantastic presentation skills and great information - what in the hell is happening that every contractor is not attending this course. --- It is a must for every tradesperson (even if they don't work for themselves.)

And you would be making a motsa !!!!!! - if you charged what it is really worth. It is great that we all get to benefit from your generosity and your exceptional knowledge.

Yes, you can print this on your promotional information! -- Kind Regards Danielle


Paul - I am so pumped and excited about your program. I believe that your methods will change my business life as well as making my personal life that much easier.'

Over 5,500 contractors have attended the 2 day course and are making more profits.