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Estimating for Builders

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What others are saying

A very good course, a definite benefit to my business and changed my way of thinking. Carl B

The best course I have attended in this industry. No builder can afford to miss it. Les Hanks

I found this course excellent value and the reference book an invaluable tool to estimating.

A very informative two days. I feel more confident now to try and quote larger jobs and increase the size of my business. Paul W

About time builders had help in learning to run a successful business. This course should be put into the apprenticeship course.

Paul is a great performer (why do you think I attended his course for the second time), the sessions are easy to understand and practical. Keep up the great work, its a shame your procedures are not adopted by all builders. Mark V 2001

A very good course. This is the best I have attended, and is about ten years too late, in my opinion, for our industry. DJ

I learnt more in two days than I have learnt at work in the past three years. Rodney